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The Deadline is a specialist company, producing property brochures for Estate Agents and Surveyors.

All our staff are trained and skilled technicians who solely work in the property brochure market.

  • The Deadline does not charge for corrections
  • Unlimited photographs (within corporate guidelines)
  • Corrections taken by telephone
  • Faxed or emailed approval taken
  • Dedicated account handler
  • Images can be supplied on CD or by email
  • We can also accept prints or transparencies
  • Bespoke brochures can be produced
  • Free conversion of images for web usage
  • First delivery inclusive within the price
  • Window displays can be supplied on request
  • Terms and Conditions


    All brochures in this guide are made using traditional templates that comply with your corporate guidelines, excluding the bespoke range. All covers will be printed on a 400gsm card with the text pages printed on a 220gsm paper. Variations on paper requirements can be quoted on request.

    Digital Artwork

    We offer a range of digitally printed brochures for your convenience2. In order that we may produce high quality details, images must be supplied at a resolution of 300dpi. Customers will be notified when quality of materials or images do not meet our very high standards. All plans such as site plans or floor plans should be sent as high resolution PDF or EPS format to properties@thedeadline.co.uk


    Should you require a more exclusive brochure that does not have to comply with your corporate guidelines, then please do not hesitate to call for a very competitive quote.We operate a full design service that can create a completely exclusive brochure for you.We will be happy to offer advice on designs and best practice for producing such details. Please call 01245 392003 for further details or alternatively email us at properties@thedeadline.co.uk


    Please ensure that Final client approved text is sent via E-mail. Alterations are inclusive of our fixed costs. Our e-mail address is properties@thedeadline.co.uk


    The Deadline accepts any form of image supplied except negatives.Where digital images are supplied, they need to be on a CD supplied by your photographer.We would request that these be raw files, untouched by the photographer. All files should be at a resolution of 300dpi in order for us to reproduce them at the highest quality. All digital files will be treated as a scanned image and colour corrected by our in house scanning team. Transparencies may also be supplied in any format and will be scanned and corrected by our professional scanning team. It is our intention to always show your images in the best light.

    Where e-mailed images are supplied, please send them at the highest possible resolution for best results. If we believe that the quality of any picture supplied is not up to our very high standards, then you will be notified immediately. To e-mail simply send them to the above address.

    Standard Proof

    Every brochure will be PDF proofed via email to our clients. This will be done until approval of the brochure is received. No limit (within reason) is set for the number of proofs you may receive. If however this is not a satisfactory proofing method for you, then please inquire as to our alternatives and whether they will incur a small additional charge. Please note: It is the sole responsibility of each individual to check work and sign it off for print accordingly. Verbal approval is not acceptable, we will only proceed once we have either faxed or e-mailed confirmation.

    Window Displays

    Window Displays are available upon request with every brochure ordered. This does not apply to our A4 cards (leaflets) range. These displays are offered in A3 format for free. Any variables will be quoted for upon request.

    Extra Images

    There is no additional charge for extra images on any style of brochure in this guide. All styles are set as unlimited within your own corporate guidelines.

    Where images are required for web use or advertising use, then we will be happy to supply them according to your specifications. Please call or e-mail with details when this service is required.


    All lithographic printed work is quoted as two thirds of the original cost for the same quantity print run. Digital work unfortunately carries no saving and will therefore be charged at the same rate as the original quote.Where more copies are required then please call for a quote.


    One delivery is inclusive on all brochure styles within this guide. Extra deliveries will be charged at £20.00 per destination.

    Time Scales

    Whilst The Deadline makes every effort to adhere to the timescales stated, we cannot be held liable for delayed deliveries for any reason.

    Bespoke Work

    We have included a few of our bespoke styles within this guide to help you and your client ascertain a price quickly. However if the style you require is not featured then please call us to discuss and we will be very happy to quote for you.

    On Hold or Aborted Work

    All work placed on hold or aborted during production may be subject to charge. This is at the company's discretion.

    PDF Imagery

    We are more than happy to print from finalised PDF file supplied. Please realise that once we have received the file it will be entered into our production system and pushed through for printing. The file cannot be altered in any way and will be printed exactly as supplied by you. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for the final quality of the brochure.

    General Terms

    In the event of any agreed unsatisfactory work - we reserve the right to withdraw the brochure and reprint at our discretion.We must be notified within a reasonable period of you receiving this work. A detailed explanation of our terms & conditions can be supplied upon request and are also printed on the reverse of our invoices.

    Please note:We do not give discounts for any reason but ensure that our work is always upheld to the highest of standards

    Payment Terms

    It is the sole responsibility of the agent to make payments on accounts within the contracted 30 day period.


    All work will carry our company name as an acknowlegment in a discreet position on the brochure.

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